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Balanced diet

The balanced diet is a nutrition scheme best suited to the body’s natural needs. Applied after completing the cleansing treatment, it is the next crucial step in proper nutrition, allowing you to stay in a perfect physical and mental shape for the rest of your life. The balanced diet is mainly based on fresh and unprocessed products which, in addition to complete proteins, essential unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, also contain plenty of enzymes, antioxidants and ballast substances (fiber, pectin), ensuring quick and efficient cleansing of the body, removing metabolic waste and toxins.

„All that comes from the inside, is clearly visible on the outside” (Hermes)

Therefore, our nutrition model is based on whole food products: whole-grain bread, cereal, bran, groats, natural rice, amaranthus, wholemeal flour pasta, grains (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, linseed), grain legumes (pea, chickpea, beans, lentil, soybean), vegetable oils (linseed, rapeseed, walnut, olive oil), fish, fermented milk products, vegetables, fruit, etc.


The modern nutritional habits of consuming excessive amounts of heavily processed and chemical-infused foods, lacking the necessary vitamins, micro- and macroelements, enzymes and fiber, disrupt the natural balance of the body, reducing its self-cleansing capability. This in turn leads to a number of lifestyle diseases, also known as diseases of civilization, which:

  • contribute to the development of food intolerances
  • contaminate the body
  • increase body weight
  • contribute to the excessive formation of free radicals
  • increase the level of “bad” cholesterol
  • increase blood sugar level
  • lead to osteoporosis
  • destroy useful bacterial flora
  • are conducive to degenerative processes in the body
  • contribute to the development of cancer cells
  • reduce immunity
  • acidify the body
  • are conducive to faster aging of the body
  • cause degeneration, etc.


  • Red borscht made with beetroot sourdough
  • Multi-vegetable juice
  • Cream of rye flakes and barley bran with nuts and banana
  • Chickpea paste with pickled cucumber
  • Lettuce, radish, fresh cucumber and pumpkin seeds salad
  • Multigrain bread + butter
  • Fish soup with miso paste and amaranth
  • Spinach dumplings with onion, tofu cheese, red beans and champignons – casserole
  • Cauliflower, corn, chives and fennel salad with yoghurt and herb sauce
  • Tomato, pineapple, sprouts and sunflower salad with vinaigrette sauce
  • Dried fruit compote
  • "SOFRA" salad (sprouts, feta cheese, corn, peas, pickled cucumber, sunflower seeds, sauce)
  • Pate from grits, vegetables, shitake mushrooms
  • Tomato with red onion, linseed oil and watercress sprouts
  • Graham bread + butter
  • Kohlrabi and apple juice